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By introducing a high shear mixer, maximum use can be made of the applied energy. And, with the powder introduction point situated below the liquid surface in the vessel, instant ingredient wetting is achieved, which results is very short mixing times and high levels of process flexibility. Available for use in a range of industries, from food

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The systems typically include a mixer/blender, filter, condenser, vacuum pump and condensate receiving vessel. Vacuum Mixer Homogenizers. Vacuum Mixer Homogenizers. The ROSS Turboemulsifier consists of a counter-rotating turbine and a high speed rotor/stator. The rotor stator head is positioned in the bottom center of the mix vessel to enable

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Buy Exquisite 10m3 concrete mixer At Awesome … About product and suppliers: Revamp your concrete making processes with increased efficiency and effectiveness with exemplary 10m3 concrete mixer being offered at at unrivaled discounts.


ACQUITY I-Class Sample Manager-FTN.. 411 ACQUITY I-Class Sample Manager-FL for Waters Separations Modules and Pumps.. 423 Common Parts for Alliance Systems Mixer, Plungers, Check Valves, Seals, and Filters 201000270: Parts and Accessories

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seven sample inlet positions plus a dedicated buffer inlet for filling the sample pump with solution before the sample is introduced, and for washing out the valve and pump between runs. (A) (B) (C) Interactive touch display Large buffer storage area Integrated fraction collector Storage box Mixer UV monitor Conductivity monitor pH monitor

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Single-source, end-to-end solutions. Neptune delivers pump systems for use in the reliable and safe handling of chemical fluids used for water treatment applications in municipalities, general industries and …

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Tile adhesive making machine can improve the living environment of residents. There is no need to pile up or transfer materials at the site, which avoid dirty, disorderly and poor phenomena in the city, and at the same time, avoid mixing concrete at the site to cause cement mud flow into the sewer and cause blockage in the sewer.

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Solvent evaporation and sample concentration are pivotal in synthesis, work-up, analytical sample preparation and solvent recycling and pilot scale production.

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GEA is one of the world's largest systems suppliers for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors. The international industrial technology group specializes in machinery and plants as well as advanced process technology, components and comprehensive services.

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Technical data CHS750 CHS1000 CHS1250 CHS1500 CHS2000 CHS2500 CHS3000 CHS3500 CHS4000 CHS4500 CHS5000 CHS6000 (L) 1125 1500 1875 2250 3000 3750 4500 5250 6000 6750 7500 9000 (Kg) 1800 2400 3000 3600 4800 6000 7200 7200 9600 10800 12000 14400 (L)

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Sampling systems for fiscal measurement can be designed and fabricated by EESIFLO to meet standards such as API 8.2 and ISO 3171. One of the very important aspects of taking a pipeline sample is the ability to create a homogeneous mixture of crude oil and water that can be picked up and pumped into crude oil containers for laboratory analysis.

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This is usually done by attaching the container to what is commonly referred to as a lab mixer. The lab mixer is motor and pump driven and circulates the product through the containers until it is evenly mixed. Mixing is achieved inside the containers by another item which is a constant with these types of apparatuses known as the spray bar

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The CMC mixing unit is a skid designed for a fast dispersion of hydrocolloid products such as carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), flours, carbopol, pectin, and guar or xanthan gum. These additives are widely used in industry on account of their multiple properties: as thickeners, jellifying agents, stabilisers, complexing agents, etc.

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Pump outlet Mixer Pump head. B Pump head. 28755. In the LPG configuration, the proportioning of typically up to four solvents is performed using solenoid valves ahead of the pump head inlet. The percentage of each solvent is selected using the timed opening and closing of the valves for the individual solvent channels to

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From glass stirring rods to magentic stirrer equipment. The DWK Life Sciences stirring range contains a diverse number of products to suit most stirring applications. WHEATON ® Bio-Stir ® and Micro-Stir ® magnetic stirrers are ideal for stirring culture media and sera. Our Quickfit ® and SVL® borosilicate glass stirrer guides, shafts and

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High shear mixer dedicated to cold emulsions. Designed to give you unprecedented flexibility, consistent quality and maximum yield, all at the lowest TCO. Our range of high shear mixers greatly increases the efficiency of mayonnaise and cold emulsion production – saving time and energy and ensuring that costly ingredients are fully utilized.

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PlasmaFlo gas mixer. The PlasmaFlo is an optional accessory that may be used with any of our plasma cleaners. The PlasmaFlo provides more precise, quantitative control of the gas flowrate and monitoring of vacuum pressure, both of which are beneficial for process consistency. A second gas source can also be added without having to manually swap

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Liquid jet mixers are jet pumps to mix and circulate liquids. The range of applications for liquid jet mix-ers is only limited by the viscosity of the liq - uid to be mixed. As a rule, jet mixers can be used in all cases where the liquid to be mixed can still be supplied by a centrifugal pump. Liquid jet mixers are mainly used in …

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pumps Mixer Fraction collector Frac-950 Conductivity monitor pH detector In-line filter Sample pump Buffer select valve (V6) Injection valve (V1) Reverse flow valve (V7) Outlet valve (V4) Sample selection valve (V5) Column selection valve (V2) Column selection valve (V3) 3 Wavelength detector 2

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ÄKTApurifier 10. ÄKTApurifier has been discontinued and is replaced with ÄKTA pure. Spare parts, repair services, and technical support are available until 31 March 2019. After this date, we offer service upon availability of parts from our suppliers. Please change the country on your profile in order to switch to another country store.